Senior Softball Equipment

One of the decisions players must make when joining a softball league pertains to equipment choices. So often they hastily go out and buy a new bat or glove without the benefit of others experience; and often they are unhappy with the performance of their acquisition, especially in the area of bat choice. Those Old-Timers, who play a lot generally know what works the best and where to get it!

The key with bats is to get one that is designated as a Senior Softball bat. These bats are built to provide a little more action with less effort to help us old guys hit the ball farther. If you try both a regular softball bat and a senior bat you will notice a significant difference so always start the search with which bats are official Senior Softball approved or certified. Again, talk to a few of the regular players to see what brands are currently hot bats but recent popular bat brands have been the Miken, Dudley, Combat and Adidas. Look online for reviews of senior softball bats for current models and typical costs.

Another equipment need is a good glove. Many people have gloves from years ago that they still love and use. If its getting old or beginning to fall apart, again ask around at what others use and where they bought them. These are more of a personal preference but be sure to look for a larger glove size than typically offered in most sporting goods stores. Stores are focused on a younger and smaller player and having more glove helps extend the reach for those that can no longer jump or move as fast as they used to be able to do. Typical brands are all good Rawlings, Mizuno, Easton, etc. Best suggestion is to at least touch and feel one in a store and then look for deals on-line.

As many will tell you, there are online internet sites like Direct Sports, that offer good discounts if you mention FHS (Florida Half Century) softball so be sure to ask current players especially the older guys that play a lot of tournaments as they see all kinds of other equipment we dont normally see in Sebastian.



Dugout Protocol

Another equipment subject is dugout protocol. Its always appropriate to ask someone if you want to use their bat or any other equipment. Never just grab someones bat without their permission. This is especially true since good composite bats cost a lot and wear out after so many swings. Generally good senior softball bats can cost $180-$200. Some can be obtained for around $100 and some new product releases can be more than $200. You will notice most players have a couple of bats mostly to provide a backup in case of breakage but also because people are always trying new things. Most guys will let you try a bat a few times if you are looking to purchase something similar but be aware some may not and its not because they are not nice people.

So as a matter of proper protocol and respect, always get permission to use anothers equipment!